Table tennis is a sport of people who have faith in themselves.

Table tennis is a sport of people who have faith in themselves.

Table tennis is an individual sport. Therefore all success is only for you When you are on the field No one can help you. You have to use all the potentials in you. Parents, brothers and sisters can not help you. (Except encouragement But don’t hurt your mind When your child loses from the competition because winning or losing is a normal part of the sport for competition)

The trainer can’t help you. Even if there is only 1 minute to introduce you to the game. Because the rest Must come from your own ability

Some athletes are unable to train. When lack Like a ping pong player Can’t solve the game itself Can’t stimulate yourself Do nothing right And if the future when you don’t have a trainer What are you going to do?

Therefore, if you love to play table tennis and want to progress in this sport, you must have faith in yourself. Henceforth

How to build self-confidence 1. Self-reliant “Eta-hi-Attanona Jar”, always practicing self-help as much as possible Before requesting others to help Because if we do not help ourselves, it is difficult for anyone to help us and will unfortunately cut their own opportunities and progress. Because not fully developed So help yourself to the fullest. And you will find that you can do it yourself 2. Know yourself, try to get to know yourself best by exploring yourself that there are good points, weaknesses and strengths. How to adjust the weaknesses better How to use their strengths to benefit themselves and others And accepting himself as a human Which has the ability to find power to find the hidden power inside and use it to the fullest At the same time, he accepted the weaknesses that he had after trying to adjust. Because everyone has strengths, weaknesses, “this is human”

  1. Faith in yourself Self-esteem, believe in one’s own ability Not insulting himself Because you can call faith from others only when you believe in yourself As the saying “You can do it if you believe you can do it.” Suffering is in your own mind. “No one will bring happiness to you except you
  2. Eliminate fear Fear is a hurdle for success and does not dare to do anything. Because fearing that it will not do well will be a mistake but someone who has never done anything There will be no mistakes. The people who work Opportunities for success and mistakes will be somewhat common, but if done best What will happen must be accepted and not afraid to improve. Should always think that “doing badly, not having, but still not doing or still not doing well enough”. Don’t be afraid to act.

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